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Who is Maria Coulter ?

Maria trained to be a professional dancer. At the tender age of four years old her GP recommended she start ballet classes as she was asthmatic. Maria trained in various styles of dance every evening after school and at weekends. At 16, she started at The London Studio Centre, a professional dance college in London, but sadly after 2 years was told she would be unable to fulfill her dream as a dancer due to a long-standing injury. Maria had to forsake her dancing career at 19. At this time she also taught ballet, tap, Jazz and body-conditioning classes to adults and children. She also had to give this up. 

After a few years of recovering and readdressing what Maria wanted to do, she discovered Pilates mat work. One of the few forms of exercise that is non-weight bearing, and focused on many aspects that Maria believes in: Core Strength, Flexibility and Optimal Posture to name but a few.

Now with her creative skills and extensive education in health and fitness she is a fully qualified Clinical Pilates Practitioner. With a comprehensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology she incorporates more than the average practitioner.

She has been a practitioner for over 14 years providing a range of Pilates classes, personal training, weight management, life coaching and back care. Her regular clients include people from every walk of life, with an age range of 14-80 years. She currently teaches Pilates to over 100 people a week.

Maria trained with Modern Pilates. Cherry Baker who is renowned for her expertise in Pilates and Christopher Norris, MSc, MCSP, a leading physiotherapist, developed the course.

The Modern Pilates course includes:

  • Anatomy
  • Postural Assessments
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Pilates Exercises
  • Teaching Practice
  • Health & Safety

Maria is a member of:

Modern Pilates Qualified Instructors

Fitness Professionals

Qualifications and Training:

Cancer & Excercise Rehabilitation

CYQ Level 3 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge

NVQ Level 2 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge

Modern Pilates Part 1 Pilates Practitioner

Modern Pilates Part 2 Advance Pilates Practitioner & Personal Trainer

Modern Pilates Part 3 Conversion

Fitness Pilates Conditioning

Pilates & Small Apparatus

Trigger Point Pilates

Exercise Referral

Body Conditioning

Diploma in Musical Theatre from The London Studio Centre

Nutrition & Weight Management University Accreditation

Life Coaching Diploma

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Diploma

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

First Aid
Clinical Weight Control Diploma

Contact: Maria Coulter
Tel: 07956 156718
Email: maria.pilates@btinternet.com

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