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Joseph Pilates was born is Dusseldorf, Germany in 1880. As a child he was continuously unwell with asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. Determined to overcome his shortcomings he tried many types of sports and exercises including gymnastics, yoga, weight training, dance, boxing, skiing, diving and circus training. He took the most effective aspects of each and devised a system with the perfect make up of strength and flexibility called Contrology - this is what we now call Pilates.

When the First World War broke out, he became a nurse in a prisoner of war camp and was acclaimed for his physical activity schedule. This was the probable reason for saving the lives of the men in his care as they survived an enormous influenza outbreak that killed 1000's.

In 1962 he immigrated to America from Germany where he met his wife Clara and together they set up an exercise studio in New York. This captivated many principal dancers, actors, actresses, athletes and gymnasts.

Joseph Pilates lived a long and healthy life, dying at the fine old age of 87.

In the words of Joseph Pilates:

"In 10 lessons you'll feel the difference; in 20 you'll see the difference; and in 30, you'll have a whole new body"

Joseph Pilates' principles remain the fundamental basis of every modified variation, and by using up-to-date research we can create a fusion of the original and the modern exercises, making today's Pilates matwork classes accessible to everyone of all fitness levels and abilities.

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