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A heart-felt thank you to all of my amazing clients who have given me these testimonials. Each testimonial is genuine: written and signed giving me permission to publish on my website. 

I started Pilates with Maria back in 2008 when I had very limited mobility due to osteoarthritis in my knees. The result of just 3 weeks had me walking upstairs and kneeling which I never thought I would do. I still get some pain but the improvement is unbelievable. I owe it all to Maria and Pilates which I still enjoy every week. Janice Jaggers

I joined Maria's class in January 2004 - 11 and a half years ago to work on an occupational back problem. It has improved so much I have been able to give up my osteopath! Recently with knee problems Maria has been very supportive giving me home exercises. Maria's warm personality creates a lovely atmosphere in our class. Helen Aitchison

I joined Maria's class when I retired, ten years ago. I think her classes are so much better than others I've tried. She looks after everyone, and knows how to cope with sport injuries, as well as the everyday aches and pains. Her classes have variety, so you don't get bored, and the atmosphere is pleasant and light-hearted - but the exercises are challenging, and you can really feel the benefit, even after a short time. I really recommend her! Lesley Smith

I have been attending Maria's classes since 2004 after the birth of my third child. Her knowledge and experience is evident in the structure and content of the sessions and she is always able to provide alternative exercises for anyone with injuries or aches. Pilates has made a huge difference to my life and through improved core strength I have a better posture and lots more energy! Neeta Gadhia

I have been doing Pilates for nearly 10 years now and have found it very helpful for lower back problems. I have attended classes with different teachers but can honestly say Maria is the best teacher I have ever had so I don't go anywhere else. Andrea Budd

I have been going to Maria's Pilates classes for 18 months. I am now in the advance class and look forward to my class each week. I feel so refreshed after each class, not only in my body, but my mind too. I would recommend Maria's class to anyone. She is a great teacher and very friendly. There is a lovely atmosphere at every class. Maria provides all the equipment and the classes are small so there is more personal attention. Glenda Dunne

Maria is an awesome teacher and her classes are always fun and challenging. Been attending for 2 years and seen big improvements in our flexibility. Pilates is part of our life now and will continue for as long as we can. This is all down to Maria - Thank you! Roshni Desai & Chirag Damani

Maria's method of teaching is clear and concise. She is attentive and understanding of any difficulties you may have. I highly recommend Maria and wouldn't consider anyone else for Pilates. My back and posture has improved so much and I have learnt many new techniques! Maryam Farooqi

Going to Maria's Pilates class for over 3 years has really helped my back condition. She makes Pilates fun and easy to follow. Would thoroughly recommend her class. Ann Dunkley

A very enjoyable and advantageous part of every week. Even after 3 years as fresh as the first week. Maria gives very much of herself in helping each person always. Ann Jervis

Maria's Pilates classes have helped me to remain active in my 60's. They seem to keep my lower back problem at bay. This kind of exercise is perfect to unsporty people who don't fancy getting sweaty in a gym, and Maria's calm encouragement has really worked for me. Hilary Russell

I have been coming to Pilates for many years. It has helped me become more aware of my posture and has helped me in many ways. Joanna Collier

A fun and great way of exercising. High Recommend. Carol

I started Pilates with Maria when my children were young - 2 are now at university! My backache has lessened and I now know how to reduce the stress on my back. Maria makes you feel as if you are having a private lesson within a class - she adapts the exercises for you. Ameena Ayub

Maria is an excellent Pilates instructor - always professional and attentive. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Liz Scott

I am delighted to have found Maria and Performance Pilates. She is very mindful of each of her students needs and takes care not to let us overdo some exercises. Maggie McCann

Maria is a guru! My back problems are cured. No more chiropractor. Sylvia Farooqi

I believe that the years I have been attending Maria's classes have prevented my back from ceasing up completely - The classes keep me going. Sue Arnold

I joined Maria's Pilates class when, having been waiting for a physiotherapy appointment for many weeks, I was in desperate need of pain relief apart from pills. I have osteoarthritis in the neck and the muscles are in constant spasm. After 4 weeks of Pilates the pain was 70% improved and because of this my neck mobility has significantly increased. The added bonus is that rest of my body is really toned now and I feel much more energised! Barbara Beasley

I started Pilates with Maria, as I wanted to increase my overall muscle tone. Not only has it done that but it has also helped me to release tension and my sleep pattern is much better. Pilates is not just about the body, but the mind too - altogether it has improved lots of things for me. Stacey Evangelides

I find Maria's Pilates very good, as I have not Pilates before. She explains the exercises thoroughly and also gives me specific exercises to help me with my back injury. Katie Johnson

Maria's classes are very beneficial and I can see the improvements in myself since starting a few months ago. Maria does work us hard but won't push us past out limitations. I find her inspiring which makes me want to work even harder. Kiki Bradstock

Maria makes you feel extremely confident and helps you develop in every way. I enjoy her classes as they help me to be stronger. Maria has a great personality and great at developing relationships. Pilates is so great in toning muscles and inner strength. Tiffany De'ath

I have found that Maria has helped me a lot with being able to recognise my body/posture weaknesses and how I need to improve them. I have noticed a big difference in my body shape for the better since starting Pilates with Maria. Gemma Smith

With Maria and her Pilates lessons I have learnt more about my different muscles and how to use them properly! I enjoy Maria's lessons so much and feel I have benefited from them even though I have not been doing them for very long. A bonus is that Maria makes her lessons fun and enjoyable too. Jacinta Craig

Maria has helped me to tone up so much. A few more classes will give me the confidence to wear a bikini on holiday! Julie Weston

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Maria's Pilates classes. She has a very professional manner and has gained my respect through her vast knowledge and understanding, along with her friendly, beaming personality. Denise Horsley

I find Maria's Pilates classes extremely beneficial and informative whilst also being very productive. Since commencing her classes I feel a great deal stronger and more flexible. I also think I am a lot more knowledgeable about my body and what I need to do to improve myself even more. Nicola Birdsell

I have been doing Maria's classes for about 4 months once a week and I feel a lot stronger and more flexible. I have worked on my core stability that has improved my posture and a back injury. Maria gives a lot of feedback and when I have problems, she always helps to solve them. Gemma Brown

Maria is a Pilates genius! She is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Jenny Goodare

Maria's classes are challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I can see a noticeable improvement in my posture and overall tone. Roxanne Bottrill

Contact: Maria Coulter
Tel: 07956 156718
Email: maria.pilates@btinternet.com

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